04362 240346 / 9629222207 No.1, SBI Colony Road, Medical College Road, Thanjavur-613 004.

Lakshmi school (CBSE) is an initiative of Lakshmi Education Foundation. It is a third generation school and is registered as a charitable and educational trust. Smt Sethukkarasi Annamalai and Shri Subramaniam Annamalai are founding trustees along with Late Shri SP. Annamalai Chettiar, founder of Lakshmi Plastics and former correspondent of Kamala Subramaniam Matriculation school.

Our Vision

Lakshmi School will be a model institution providing holistic development of children in a joyful and challenging learning environment. We aim to create empowered citizens with positive attitude capable of making changes in the society to build a better tomorrow.


The values of Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance and Justice will be taught, instilled and modelled to the students. The children will value our heritage, culture and traditions and will also be sophisticated, modern and courageous.

Our values

  • Every child is unique and every child can shine
  • Create safe, healthy and caring learning space.
  • Creating lifelong learners through innovative pedagogy.
  • ‚ÄčInstil Indian Values in children and helping them respect it.
  • Nurture every child and help them identify their strengths.
  • Help children learn and appreciate the dignity of labour.
  • Make education a joyful experience for children.
  • Giving children a strong foundation in knowledge, skills, understanding and application.
  • Giving children an education at par with international institutions.