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Lakshmi School

The process of education is lifelong and is an enlightening experience for every individual. We at Lakshmi school aim to lay the foundation for kids to become global citizens and handhold them while they undergo social transformation to become successful in life. Our learners will be encouraged to celebrate diversity, feel appreciated, learn their strengths and improve themselves through self-reflection. Situated in the heart of Thanjavur city the school provides stimulatory learning environment with individual attention and care. Peer learning, creativity, self-discovery, innovative curriculum, and out -of -box thinking are integral components of this learning process.

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Why Choose Us

• Good education at nominal fees. A good education should not cause a hole in your pocket. Affordable education is the key.

• There is a current trend in thinking that only highly intelligent students can become successful life. Success in life does not only depends on your IQ but your Emotional Quotient and Adversity Quotient. The school proposes to help children develop their EQ and AQ by helping children express emotions, make children comfortable working with others and work through conflict with their peers, face challenging tasks and the tenacity to accept failures.

• The school aims to develop cognitive skills, persistence, empathy, concentration, concept clarity and emotional development of students with the aim of making mediocre students into successful adults.

• School should not be burden to the child. We aim at making learning fun and a way of life.

• Learning skills for life like public speaking, cleanliness, ethics, decision making, time management, Interpersonal relationship, negotiation, resilience and self-management


  • Our kids love the school and we love the diversity and the parent community. We are very happy with our choice

    House Wife
  • This school is amazing! Every teacher and staff member I met have been beyond amazing

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